Testimonials on Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Retreats

"Erin is a highly intuitive coach who speaks from a place of her own experience and from her heart.  She genuinely cares about people living their best life and it shows.  I felt perfectly safe opening up to Erin in ways that I haven't opened up to others.  She makes you felt seen, heard and loved."

~Melita Mollohan, Yoga teacher and Bowen Therapist   www.zenfromwithin.com    


"The retreats tend to have a wide variety of experience levels, from complete newbies to advanced practitioners. Despite this range, it seems as though each person gets someting out of her classes- I don't know how she does it. The classes are usually a bit longer than I am used to- but I am always amazed by how quickly the time goes by during our practice and I've learned so much about both the physical and mental/spiritual components of yoga."

         ~Sarah Zeigler, Ph.D.


"Erin is one of the most dedicated, passionate and skillful yoga teachers I know. She utilitzes clear, succinct and heart felt language to create a safe, fun, and healing experience in all of her classes."

~Randy Boyd, E-RYT 500, WV Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training Director and Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists


"There are yoga teachers and yoga professionals. In the yoga professionals, their teaching flows out of them. Erin is one of those yogis whose light shines out and illuminates the room with an asana practice so clearly connected to yogic wisdom that one cannot help but leave feeling transformed. Erin's professional practice speaks to students like me through her actions, her words, and her heart. Her classes create change in the body and uplift the spirit."

~Sarah Chouinard, M.D., Ashaya Yoga Teacher


"Erin is absolutely amazing!!! She is the epitome of a professional instructor.
Knowledgeable, helpful, patient and kind, she will help you gain a greater understanding of how yoga and Thai massage can help you actually FEEL better. With grace and fluidity she will gently show you how to improve your flexibility, physical and mental health. She works with you on your level!
After going to a few of her yoga classes, I started to see her for Thai massage as well. It has helped my back, shoulder AND my stress levels SO much. I even got my partner to start seeing her as well. Now he feels better too!
I cannot explain how much better I feel after one of our sessions. Lighter, less stressed, more flexible and my goodness, what a mood booster!
If you want a life improving experience, I would absolutely recommend you sign up!"

~Kara C., Fayetteville, WV


"I have taken therapeutic yoga from Erin for several years, first in a class setting and later in private sessions.  Erin’s technique of teaching yoga is unique.  While teaching a yoga pose, Erin will also explain the importance of correct breathing and why pain in one area of the body can affect other areas of the body. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy helps her to create a picture of the relationship of one muscle to another. Erin has always been willing to work with me on any health issue I might have, and has taught me several different yoga techniques to manage pain or muscle aches.  The hour spent in Erin’s session flies by and is always energizing."

~Judy F., Oak Hill, WV