Series for Purchase

Purchase past series to practice in the comfort of your own home or practice in-person with me (either via zoom or in studio!) I offer two classes currently: Vinyasa Movement and a Beginners Series. Both classes are recorded so you can practice in real time or later on your own time if you choose the zoom option or if you are attending in studio and miss a class. 


Purchase past series here to practice anytime and to have for future use forever. Access is granted via a private you tube channel once payment is received. PayPal buttons are available or you can pay me via this link for my Venmo. *Just make note of which series you are purchasing. 

All series are 8 classes and $108. 

Somatic Movement and the Nervous System (pre-recorded series for purchase)

Our nervous system is the wiring for our entire body. Certain aspects of it are activated during differnt experiences. When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) takes over to act quickly. When we are relaxed, our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) kicks into gear allowing us to rest and heal . Unfortunately many of us live in a kind of low grade stress at all times, creating an environment which doesn't allow our body the space or time to heal. 

This series explores what the nervous system is, the different parts, and how to activate the PNS in your  body.

View Class 1 for free here.

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Vinyasa Yoga

This series helps to create a powerful and flexible body and is perfect for the athlete looking for cross-training, someone who wants a physical challenge or anyone desiring to dive deeper into their personal yoga practice. 


Class focus varies. 

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Somatic Movement: Back Care Basics Pre-Recorded Series

This series in Somatic Movement focuses on spinal health, from the low back and hips, all the way to the neck. We start each class with a short talk about the spine, learning about the curvatures, the vertebrae and what typical range of motion looks like. Classes explore movement of the spine in order to create more range of motion for the practitioner.


By the end of this series you will have a better understanding of how your spine moves and more ease and range of motion in your body.

Full pre-recorded series available for purchase October 30. 


View the first class for free here.

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Beginners Yoga 

Are you brand new to yoga and want to learn the basics broken down? This 8 week series covers the basic poses, both in English and Sanskrit, the 8 limbs of yoga and provide you with an easy series to practice at home by end! A PDF file will be sent to you after registration to go along with your classes. 

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